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August is a month of conclusion, anticipation, and beginnings. If we are students, we feel the conclusion of summer break that is fast approaching and anticipate the beginning of a new school year. If we are parents, we both anticipate the beginning of a new school year by purchasing new school supplies, but also anticipate sending our children off to school, starting a new and different schedule for ourselves, and perhaps, a new sense of freedom, for while we love being with our children, we also might also admit that we will be able to enjoy a bit of time for ourselves as well.


August is the time that some of us send our children off to college. After having gone through the experience of sending our oldest to WPI four years ago, it is now our youngest daughter’s turn to experience what college has to offer. We have been busy these past months making plans for her new college dorm living arrangements and trying to anticipate her needs for the new stage in her life as she leaves her parents’ house and moves in with her new college roommate. As with most parents in our situation, we are filled with hope for her success and some envy for the types of new experiences she will have for the next four years, some of which we may have gone through not so many years ago.


August is the time that we finish up on our family vacations, family picnics, our times at the beach, water parks, and amusement parks, before they close for the summer. It is the time that we tend to the gardens that we planted, make our harvests and work to store our produce for the winter months. It is the time that we make plans to move on to the next traditions that we may have for the last part of this year, for soon we will move into the famed holiday seasons, starting with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s. We marvel at how fast time has passed, that it seems that it was less than a year ago that we anticipated and then celebrated the birth of Christ. And, of course, it was.                                                 

May we all have a blessed end of this summer, a great school year, and may God bless us in the coming months.   

                                                                                    Pastor Julie


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